Value proposition

The highlight of the Care label collections is jeans, designed and manufactured in such a way as to adapt perfectly to the customer’s fit over time.
It takes several months of use for selvage denim to take on the perfect shape of the wearer.
The buttons are made of pure copper, subject to natural oxidation over time, the logo is colored only after several months of use, the chain on the hem is deliberately left longer. All details for which the passage of time becomes an added value.
Care in the search for the highest quality of denim and the materials used; tradition and craftsmanship combined with innovation, modern design, and new artisan treatment and washing techniques.
Denim Care Labels are conceived, designed, created, and produced entirely in Italy. Creativity, innovation, classic style, and contemporary cuts, craftsmanship. So Care Label is also the recovery and enhancement of that Made in Italy “know-how” that has always distinguished us all over the world.