In 2007 the Care label project was born from a Lapo Elkann idea, an authentic interceptor of innovations.
For production and distribution we rely on the WeDo Srl of the Felici family which has been operating for over 30 years as a contractor for many European and American jeanswear brands, an activity of which it is a leader in the high-end market.
The name plays on the double meaning in English of “careful mark” and “maintenance label”.
Care is intended as care in the search for the best qualities of selvedge denim and the other materials used. The end customer then, through use over time, will model the jeans on his body making it unique. For this reason, each model in the collection is a story to tell whose plot is decided by who will wear it: the Carelabelist. He will interpret its values: care, respect, ethics.
The brand focuses on placing a lot of care and attention on details: such as the silk-screen prints inside the jeans it produces, the cotton flower logo, the icons print with the washing symbols and the brand logo.
The care with which we work is crucial for us. That’s why we put it in our name. Care for the research of the top selvage denim and all the other materials used. Attention to details, which make our jeans unmistakable. Care for a product that might mean something new and different for each person who wears it.